Dedicated to Hunger Relief

 The Salvation Army Tabernacle Corps is working to help those poor in both health and resources

The Salvation Army exists to serve and give, but wouldn’t exist without those who give and serve. It’s a never-ending circle of trust that bonds The Salvation Army to its donors, their donations, their communities, their neighbors, who return to The Salvation Army for help or to help. The return on investment into the work of The Salvation Army is both measurable, yet at the same time, unquantifiable. The number of clothes given, meals served, shelters provided, rescues from human trafficking, and Christmas presents given can be counted. Measuring the positive outcomes in the lives and health of individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities proves more elusive. Continue reading “Dedicated to Hunger Relief”

New Program Supports Seniors in West Kensington

“They Feel a Spiritual Joy Here.”

The Salvation Army Tabernacle Corps Community Center, at the intersection of Allegheny IMG_2352Avenue and Mascher Street, sits in the heart of the Fairhill-West Kensington section of Philadelphia.  The largely Hispanic neighborhood is considered one of the poorest in the city, with a poverty rate of more than 62-percent – more than double the overall Philadelphia poverty rate of 26.3-percent – according to the U.S. Census. The once thriving manufacturing community of 50 years ago is now a sea of deteriorating buildings, trash-strewn streets, high crime, drug sales and prostitution.

“This is a very tough neighborhood,” said Captain Omar Rolon, Co-Commanding Officer, The Salvation Army Tabernacle Corps Community Center.

The Salvation Army is a place so many here in need turn to for support and spiritual guidance. That’s why every Wednesday, Luce Melendez and dozens of other older residents gather at Tabernacle for socializing, lunch, games, educational workshops and praise. They come for the new Seniors Program, which kicked off in the summer of 2015 with approximately 20 participants. Now it draws as many as 50 people on any given week.

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